Errata for the Castle Clash Wiki, by Henry J. Cobb


There are many mistakes that the "maintainers" of the Castle Clash Wiki refuse to own up to. I'll list the corrections here as I spot them and if see any you can try to submit them first, and then I'll list them here.

Bugs in the game itself

Army Camp

There is a bug in the Android version where Army Camp troop production stalls out. If you see the production queue as a solid green bar with no numbers then you must delete one item from the queue (this won't cost you anything, as it wouldn't be built anyway) then readd that or a different item to restart production.

Game mechanics


The Energy article is incomplete. See the correct explanation here.

A simple test that shows the difference is to solo a safe dungeon level, once with a high damage single target skill like say Ninja and the same level again with a hero whose skill does no direct damage like Druid. You will see that sometimes Ninja's energy bar returns to zero after he procs, but that Druid never returns back to zero. This is because a hero procs when he has 100% energy and has an attack. The proc is made just before the attack and the attack is skipped (not filling in energy from zero percent up to 15%), if and only if the proc itself removed the only available target for an attack.

Also Skills that do no damage add no energy to the target and talents never add energy to foes (above the amount granted by the underlying normal attack, if any).


The Talents page fails to note that the Change button can be found by selecting a hero from the main "Enter" list from the Hero's Altar. The Roll and Replace buttons will then appear.

The Damage deflection and Damage reduction sections fail to mention that these can be stacked on top of each other using different types for talent and crests. My suggestion is to use Stone Skin crests (for the higher ATK adds) on top of Flame Guard talent if the hero's skill is ATK based (Thunder God, Druid, etc.) and the reverse (for the higher damage reduction at lower talent levels) otherwise (Succubus, Cupid, etc.). So for example the mighty Marauder with level 9 skill active, Stone Skin 5 talent and Flame Guard 5 crest set would take 59% * 75% * 80% or 35.4% of damage.

The Blade Shell talent is more useful than its entry suggests. BS will indeed protect the hero with the talent from damage. To test this put on a set of BS crests (you've got lots, right?) and watch the hero closely for the red zero that will pop up above their head eventually.


Pumpkin Duke

This article is okay in general, except for some of the talent recommendations. Because PD's skill does no direct damage he's actually twice as well off in general with Deadly Strike than War God. For example with WG-5 PD will do 30% more damage with each attack, for a net bonus of +30%. However with DS-5 PD will do seven times as much damage a tenth of the time, which averages to +60% total damage over time. Now Deadly Strike could overkill a single target or run into a boss damage cap, but on the other hand it could deliver just enough damage to kill a unit that would otherwise heal itself or do some other nasty proc with the energy just given it. The general rule is that if without any talents the hero would do more direct damage through skill than normal attacks it will be better off with War God, otherwise Deadly Strike. But I wouldn't recomend either talent for PD. His own skill provides War God, Sprint and Berserk to all allies after all.

Serpent Queen

The Serpent Queen article fails to point out her main drawback. Her huge number of low damage attacks are still giving 15 energy units to each and every defending hero every time. So for example an equal level and skill SQ will give an enemy Druid about twice as much healing power (through the extra energy) as she damages him. Therefore I always look for SQ icons in Lost Realm and jump on them for easy kills. Facing four enemy SQs at once simply means my Druid is going to stack his ATK bonus over and over again. Snowzilla faces the same problem at low skill levels, but he gets better.



The page fails to note that destroying walls in Hero Expeditions (but not Dungeons) counts towards the destroying walls "in raids" achievement.

Daily Lost Realms battle quota

The section on lost realms battles incorrectly specifies "monster tiles". If you are in a hurry sinply move to a Battle Altar that you do not control, invoke the battle and quit before your heroes are even placed on the board ten times in quick succession to fulfil the daily quota.

Quest Board

The Quest Board fails to note that each attack against any Expert Dungeon also counts towards the Normal and Elite Dungeon counts. (There are Elite Expert Dungeons, but these are not currently required by the Quest Board.)

An easy way to accomplish the Destroy Buildings of "type X" quest is to launch a Hero Expedition to destroy just that one building then quit to repeat the exact same attack over and over again as needed.