The Fantasy Trip, Legacy vs First edition

All page references are to The Fantasy Trip Legacy edition In the Labyrinth rulebook, unless noted otherwise.

The changes in Legacy edition are considered after SJ's 1980 Errata for the first printing as seen in the TFT Companion.

A collection of my own musings, not to be taken too seriously. -HJC, with help from JohnPaulB.


  1. General Gameplay
  2. Spells
  3. Talents
  4. Creatures
  5. Combat
  6. Magic

General Gameplay

Contests (Opposed Rolls) (ITL 8) is a new mechanic.

Immediate Action (ITL 10) has been added and along with the Heroic Magic Revival changes it is now much easier and cheaper to bring back the recent dead.

Creating a Character (ITL 12)

Amazon has been deleted from the archetype suggestions.

Advantages of Great Strength (ITL 15) have been greatly reduced.

Adding or losing IQ points after character creation doesn't increase or decrease memory points, but these can be bought separately and are limited only by total XP.

Experience Points

XPs are very different.

New attribute total vs old attribute total at same XPs.
XPs Legacy Edition AP First Edition AP

Note that a legacy edition wizard could instead remain at 40 attributes and add 40 Mana and four memory points with those 9k XPs while a first edition wizard would just add three attributes which would be at most only three additional memory points.

Learning New Spells and Talents (ITL 45) is now much easier. Where characters used to spend thousands of XPs to raise their IQ by one point and then spend months studying a new talent they can now spend 500 XPs and just add the talent to their character sheet.

Map Scales (ITL 55) have been converted from metric to imperial. The combat hexes used to be 12.34% longer. The old Province hexes where 55% longer than the new ones.

Jobs (ITL 57) no longer list XPs as possible rewards.

Under Cultures and Customs (ITL 60) the rules for duels, clothing and slavery have been reduced.

Under Equipment (ITL 65) and elsewhere the weights have been converted from kg to pounds and rounded. The prices remain at their pre-Silver Thursday levels.


Lots of utility spells and a few divination spells that roll against IQ rather than DX have been added. The list is better organized.

IQ 9 Spells

Look Your Best (ITL 19) is new.

Summon Scout and Turn Missiles (ITL 20) are new.

IQ 10 Spells

Adhesion, Clearheadedness, Dispel Missiles, Meal and Minor Medicament (ITL 20) are new.

Close Vision (ITL 20) has been added as a counterpart to Far Vision.

Staff to Snake (ITL 21) is harder to hit and has a much more powerful bite, in line with the Staff changes.

Stalwart and Whisper (ITL 21) are new.

IQ 11 Spells

Acid Touch (ITL 21) is new.

Delete Writing, Ferment and Great Voice (ITL 22) are new.

Scour (ITL 23) is new.

Staff II/Manastaff (ITL 23) and all higher Staff spells are new.

IQ 12 Spells

Breathe Fire, Cleanse Poison and Friendship (ITL 24) are new.

Mage Sight (ITL 24) lasts for minutes not seconds.

Pathfinder and Soothe (ITL 25) are new.

IQ 13 Spells

Open Tunnel is easier to escape from.

Scrying (ITL 26) is new.

IQ 14 Spells

Duplicate Writing and Restore Device (ITL 27) are new.

Spell Shield (ITL 27) adds a note about the new staff occult strike.

Summon Lesser Demon (ITL 28) now includes the Lesser Wish.

Telepathy (ITL 28) no longer clears out the subject's mind.

IQ 15 Spells

Regeneration (ITL 30) is new.

IQ 16 Spells

The old Staff of Power enchantment has been spread over the new Staff II to Staff V spells.

IQ 17 Spells

Cleansing (ITL 31) now includes my suggestion to limit its use as a cheap Death spell.

Diamond Flesh (ITL 31) is new.


Several talents have reduced costs and prerequisites and the list is better organized.

IQ 7 Talents

Brawling and Carousing (ITL 35) are new.

Lacking the proper weapon talent now adds a die to the attack roll instead of subtracting four from DX. This isn't a half-point of DX advantage, due to the greater chance of fumbles.

Pole Weapons (ITL 36) now includes the naginata, which functions exactly like a spear (ITL 111).

IQ 8 Talents

Area Knowledge and Quick-Draw (ITL 36) are new.

IQ 9 Talents

Pickpocket (ITL 38) has been split off from the old THIEF talent.

Streetwise (ITL 38) is new.

Toughness (ITL 38) is the new name for the old WARRIOR and VETERAN talents. It is now easier to get and cheaper.

IQ 10 Talents

NEW FOLLOWERS and THIEF have been removed or split.

Shield Expertise (ITL 39) is new.

IQ 11 Talents

MONSTER FOLLOWERS has been removed, but this is still listed as an option on the full page "Character Record Sheet".

Fencer (ITL 40) is completely changed and much more powerful.

Locksmith (ITL 40) has been split off from the old THIEF talent.

Master Pickpocket (ITL 40) has been split off from the old MASTER THIEF talent.

Two Weapons (ITL 41) works exactly the same as before, but is much easier to learn.

Unarmed Combat II (ITL 41) and higher have several changes.

Weapon Expertise (ITL 41) is new.

Writing (ITL 41) is new.

IQ 12 Talents

MASTER THIEF has been removed.

Master Locksmith (ITL 42) has been split off from the old MASTER THIEF talent.

Stealth (ITL 42) is the new name for the old SPYING talent.

IQ 13 Talents

Master Fencer (ITL 42) and Weapon Mastery (ITL 43) are new.


Pidgin language has been removed.

Designing a Labyrinth

The Random Stocking tables at ITL 48 haven't changed and so do not align with the current gas bomb effects at ITL 146.


The following creatures have been added.
81Long Lankin
86Bloody Rider
87Head Flies
88Cold Horses
91Bare Owl
98Net AlgaeAnd water armor
98Pit Trap Plants

Humanoid Races now all mostly start at 32 attribute points and "EXPERIENCE POINTS FOR VERY POWERFUL RACES" has been removed.

HALFLINGS (ITL 78) didn't get the two attribute point boost of Goblins and Hobgoblins. Though still noted as being "skilled with" missile weapons they no longer get a racial bonus in their use, and their bonus with Thrown Weapons is reduced to a racial talent.

Hymenopterans (from that other game) are deleted from Giant Insects and Other Crawlies (ITL 94).


List of Options (ITL 102) is reordered and lacks options for prone figures such as pick up weapons. Also the provision to defend after a half-move has been deleted.

Left-Hand Weapons (ITL 111) has removed text about main-gauche options and using two daggers in HTH. The use of two daggers in HTH is explictly denied in the Legacy Melee rulebook at page 13.

Spear Thrower (ITL 114) has a different bonus to accuracy.

Broken Ground (ITL 118) has the specific penalties for actions and movement replaced with general guidelines. However Darkness (ITL 119) still imposes a specific penalty for all broken ground.

Darkness (ITL 119) has a less severe restriction on thrown spells.

Berserking (ITL 121) now specified to cost fatigue.

Trampling (ITL 126) no longer costs the fallen figures their next action.

Fine Weapons and Armor (ITL 123) now explicitly include daggers.

Gunpowder Weapons (ITL 124) the blunderbus rules were changed from a trap-like device to a missile weapon.


Missile Spells (ITL 135) are now limited to 3 ST when cast, but a rod can still discharge its full load in a single blast.

Special Spells (ITL 140) now default to Thrown Spell range adjustments.

The Lesser Wish (ITL 143) is new.

The Greater Wish (ITL 143) now can only increase attributes to 14, but this is potentially several times the XPs of the first edition limits.

Gaining a Wish (ITL 143) is now through a quick contest rather than a difference roll. While this makes it much easier for lower IQ wizards it also increases the chance of an automatic failure for very high IQ wizards.

Magic Items

The Wizard's Staff (ITL 148) has a lot of changes. The Wizard boardgame retains a Staff spell that is very close to the original.

Brand (ITL 158) is new.

Attribute Enhancers (ITL 161) are now much more restrictive, especially with respect to Aid spell boosts.

Powerstone (ITL 163) replaces the old STRENGTH BATTERY and works in the same way, but also includes ambient recharge.

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