Castle Clash Attack Speed Acceleration, by Henry J. Cobb


Castle Clash apparently rounds the time it takes to make an attack up to a fifth of a second after applying acceleration modifiers. Both Berserk and Pumpkin Duke have the same effect at the same level, so I'm just listing an acceleration level, which would be either the Berserk level or the Pumpkin Duke skill level. When these stack on top of each other the result is better than adding the two levels together and adding one. How much better is complicated.

Deadly fast


Raw attack speed: 0.75 seconds

Very fast

Ninja (Or Normal speed + Berserk-4)

Raw attack speed: 0.8 seconds



Raw attack speed: 0.9 seconds


Melee troops, Alchemist, Angel, Aries, Champion, Cyclops, Druid, Engineer, Executioner, Frost_Witch, Hill_Giant, Ice_Demon, Immortep, Marksman, Pumpkin_Duke, Serpent_Queen, Snowzilla, Spirit_Mage, Succubus, Thunder_God

Raw attack speed: 1 seconds


Cupid, Death Knight, Moltanica, Orksbane, Santa_Boom, Siren, Vlad_Dracula

Raw attack speed: 1.2 seconds


Ranged and Magic attack troops, Destroyer, Dryad, Marauder, Minotaur_Chieftain, Pain-Da, Paladin, Pixie, Shaman, Triton, Werewolf

Raw attack speed: 1.5 seconds


Destructive attack troops, Atlanticore

Raw attack speed: 2 seconds