Castle Clash - For love of the Serpent Queen, by Henry J. Cobb

I'm known for a few strange hero choices, and one of those is the Serpent Queen. She's the only elite hero who's a real catch. If you need to blast everything over and over again then she's your only choice. For example, consider level 180, skill 9 heroes without talents or boosts:

HeroTargetsPulsesDamPer targetMax TargetsTotal DamSpecial
Immo169k54k654k1.0s stun
TG22117.3k17.3k22382k1.5s stun

The only area where SQ clearly shines is in engaging a bunch of tiny targets, but since nobody uses troops anymore, this isn't a concern, right? Let's see how she does head to head vs. the example heroes here.

SQ waxes both Engineer and Cyclops in all areas, so she's only comparable to the legendary heroes.

Immo has stun and what seems to be a single target damage advantage over SQ. However though they both pulse against walls, SQ doesn't run out of targets per pulse so she has the advantage during attack missions. Her targets per pulse advantage is also an advantage in HBM. Immo has superior attributes, but her skill is cheaper to level up. Especially by feeding her duplicates from Mesa chests. This also makes it cheaper to buy her in the first place and select a SQ with just the right talent. Simply select the best from the duplicates. If you retain that one SQ with Heavy Blow 4 or 5 then you wipe out the stun advantage, especially since her native attack is ranged and Immo's isn't.

Snowzilla doesn't proc on walls, but he won't even use his skill to get himself past a wall. SZ's smarter targeting also helps him when mobbed by troops, but he's not as good at dealing with them as SQ. Once you add in Pumpkin Duke, Cupid, Druid, and SZ's own talent he quickly hits the Boss damage limit of 35k per attack, after which SQ has the clear advantage.

Thunder God does more total damage than SQ, if and only if all the targets are grouped together in one moment. SQ can wander around constantly hitting targets in a wider radius than TG has. TG also can hit the Boss damage limit a lot quicker than SQ can. TG is especially vunderable to being attacked by a few ranged troops at a time. He has to run after these one by one with his hammer.

"Serpent Queen, I want you wrapped around me. Can't you see, the battle is just starting, it's time your procing to wipe 'em clean."