Hcobb's TFT Firepower Ratings

All page references are to The Fantasy Trip In the Labyrinth rulebook, unless noted otherwise.

A collection of my own musings, not to be taken too seriously. -HJC

Firepower Formula

A monster's firepower rating is:

10 times the square root of (Damage it does each turn times the number of turns it survives against an endless line of optimal starting human characters)

A typical starting character has a firepower rating in the mid thirties with specialized combat builds around fifty.

Table of calculated firepower ratings

3Human ChildThrown rocks are wimpy
3Scuttle -
3RatSubject to stomp
4Small SpiderSubject to stomp
4Bare Owl -
6Banshee Bat -
6Plocker -
6Scum Bunny -
8Mob Ape -
9Slinker -
10Net Algae -
12Domestic Cat -
12Monkey -
13Dingo -
13Piranha -
13Vampire Bat -
15Green Slime -
17Red Slime -
17Wasp -
18Dragonet -
18Piranhakeet -
20Bloodtree -
22Shadowight -
23Giant Scolopendra -
23Scorpion -
24Large Pit Trap Plant -
26Brown Slime -
28Chimpanzee -
28Human Skeleton -
28Human Zombie -
29Giant Spider -
301-hex Dragon -
30Am Bush -
30Baboon -
30Large Crabman -
30Wizard WraithUsing occult Staff blasts
30Wolf -
31Jaguar -
31Mauler -
32Night-Gaunt -
33Rattlesnake -
35Neanderthal -
36Dolphin -
36Giant Jumping Spider -
37Ghoul -
38Giant Gate Spider -
38Glyptodont -
39Two headed hydraTwo hex, ST 18 DX 11 IQ 8 MA 8 Two bites(1d), no poison.
43Dire Wolf -
44Human GhostSpook effect estimated
44Human Wight -
45Diatryma -
45Pegasus -
45Small Goo -
46Great Ape -
46Unicorn -
46Wyvern -
47Big Lizard -
49Cinnamon Bear -
49Ogre -
50ChupacabraAssuming attack on sleeper
51GiantUsing weapon talents
51Silver Slime -
52Sasquatch -
53Basilisk -
552-hex Dragon -
58Giant Scorpion -
58Gryphon -
59Lion -
60Stone Beetle -
60Tiger -
622-hex DragonWith extended breath
62Yeti -
63Boa constrictor -
64Crocodile -
66Kodiak Bear -
67Cave Bear -
39Two headed hydraWith 3d unless 4/ST poison.
70Poisonous Monster Snake -
71Long Lankin -
71Roc -
71Sabertooth TigerAssume both attacks in HTH at -4 DX
72Troll -
804-hex Dragon -
82Uncle Teeth -
90Apep -
91Giant Wolverine -
984-hex DragonWith extended breath
1013-hex Turtle -
101Indricotherium -
112Medium Goo -
116Mega Gate Spider7 hex, ST 45 DX 12 IQ 5 MA 8, Bite(2d + 3d poison unless 4/ST save) or Teleport self(1 fatigue and -1 DX per megahex traveled), shell(2 hits)
117OctopusThree Greatswords
1204-headed Hydra3d unless 4/ST poison
124Kraken -
132Woolly Mammoth10 hex, ST 75 DX 13 IQ 6 MA 14, Tusk(2d pole weapon), Stomp(3d), Trunk(2d), Fur(2)
1377-hex DragonThese smaller dragons land and use all attacks
140Large Goo -
1517-hex Turtle -
1947-hex DragonWith extended breath
21714-hex DragonUsing claw swipe and fly tactics
2687-headed Hydra3d unless 4/ST poison
37214-hex DragonWith extended breath

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